Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Oral History of British Science

The charitable trust National Life Stories based at the British Library, is creating a major archive for the study and understanding of contemporary science in Britain through a new oral history fieldwork programme involving 200 in-depth interviews with British scientists. The project will chart the rise of scientific advancements through the testimonies of scientists whose discoveries have affected life in Britain but whose names and life-stories remain largely hidden to those outside the realm of scientific research. These recordings are due to be archived as part of the national collection.

National Life Stories' varied, contemporary recordings of life in Britain today, complement the British Library's audio recordings which stretch back to the beginning of the 20th century. Their collections could be considered a useful resource by anyone interested in the archiving of personal histories as well as serving as an educational resource for students and researchers.

All interviews from An Oral History of British Science are catalogued on the British Library's Sound and Moving Image Catalogue; search using the project's collection reference number, C1379 to be taken straight to the archive.;%20charset=UTF-8