Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tangled Up In Blue - Glasgow's 'Blueprint 2013'

A themed series of exhibitions and lectures analysing the concept of the blueprint (the term commonly applied to cyanotype prints in engineering and technical drawings) is currently ongoing at cultural venues in and around Glasgow. How much we know of the technical photography process and its impact on print are put under the lens as part of the 'Blueprint 2013' programme, a collaboration between a number of Glasgow galleries, archives and museums.

Mike Ware from the Scottish Society for the History of Photography will be presenting a lecture entitled 'Cyanotype: a blueprint for visual vandalism?' this Thursday 14th February at 6pm in the Mitchell Library. Subsequent presentations will also be given by GSA's Frances Robertson and Bruce Peter at later dates in the programme.

The lecture series ties-in with Blueprint 2013 exhibitions currently being held at Trongate 103 in the Glasgow Print Studio and Street Level Photoworks until 17th March. The print studio are exhibiting works which have been produced by manipulating original camera images through the use of traditional print-making processes in ink while Anna Atkins' cyanotypes of British Algae feature in the foyer alongside the engineering blueprints for Glasgow-built ships: 'Big Loco' and the Queen Mary.

All events are free and promise to explore the links between alternative photographic processes and fine art photographic printmaking in detail. You might call it a 'once in a blue moon' opportunity...