Monday, February 18, 2013

Ying Sheng Yang Lecture at Strathclyde University

Chairman Mao once said, "where there is compression, there will be a resistance." 

So forms the theme of a lecture to be given  by Chinese artist Ying Sheng Yang on Thursday 21st February between 18:00 and 19:30 at Strathclyde University. SCILT, Scotland's National Centre for Languages are hosting the event in room LH104A of the Lord Hope Building, next to the library. 

Born in 1961, Ying Sheng Yang sprung from the period of Cultural Revolution in China- a time when the Communist Party’s stranglehold on creative expression meant art was used solely as a tool for political propaganda. Penal consequences threatened anyone with the valour to denounce the government, be that through political action or artistic expression. The compression of individuality has gradually abated since the mid-twentieth century with the 1989 seminal art-show 'China /Avant-Garde' finally helping to showcase contemporary Chinese art. From the hostile environment of his origins, Ying Sheng Yang was one of the 186 Avant-Garde artists to feature at the show, claiming his schooling was influential in changing his views about art.

Thursday's event promises to be an interesting articulation of a reclusive culture by an individual who has lived through a cultural renaissance of sorts. The indelible marks of China’s harsh background are beginning to be discussed in its new art: learn more about the history of Chinese art, consider its future direction and join in the debate. Following on from Mao's observation, is it true to argue that where there is freedom, there will be a proliferation...?

To book a place, email SCILT's contact, Grant McLean: .