Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Counterculture online - British Library's Comic Books and Zines Collections

The underground nature of some counterculture press materials such as zines, alternative comics and graphic novels can sometimes make their contents seem elusive.

A handy route into the thriving arts scenes evident in some of these publications is possible through the British Library's website, which groups educational information about the growth of independent and often self-published magazines under subject-headings and provides useful links through to the websites of the individuals and communities responsible for their circulation. The names of significant contributors to the scene are provided and a selection of some images are available.

GSA library hold some publications from the alternative publishing scene in the Mackintosh Library. From our blog page, click on the word 'zines' in the word cloud to see all our previous postings on this area of the arts. The information provided  is likely to be of use to visual communication designers and those interested in the history of print culture more generally.