Friday, March 08, 2013

Dorothy Smith Cabinet Display in Library

Today, 8th March, is International Women's Day and to celebrate, we've dedicated a display cabinet on Level 1 of the Library to Dorothy C Smith, a former GSA student in the Department of Embroidery & Design during World War II.

On display is a selection of interesting ephemera curated from materials found in the library and the school's archives. Library books which we believe were consulted by Dorothy Smith in her days as a student from 1940-44 complement the school's archive materials which include a textile sample, the design for a print as well as Dorothy Smith's actual student notebooks. We've provided a blurb and captions providing more information on our famous female alumnae; these can also be found in the 'Library Display Cabinets' folder as part of the Archives and Collections course.

Watch out for more posts about our cabinet displays which we hope to fill with lots more interesting items over the coming months. Each display will aim to make links between our library collections with those in the Archives & Collections Centre and will cover a broad range of taught subject areas, and GSA alumni. Ask at the librarians' office or at the Archives department if you have any questions and check the newly-revamped ACC blog for further inspiration.