Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Interactive iBooks - Graphic Design for Learning

iBook research reportWe're fascinated by the launch of the first interactive iBook of Research from the Oxford Internet Institute, the academic centre for the study of the implications of the internet on society.

The iBook, entitled 'Geographies of the World's Knowledge' uses the most innovative technologies to make its content more visually engaging than the traditional research paper. Instead of dense screeds of text, the iBook uses moving graphics and brightly-coloured diagrams. Readers are able to select how much more detail they wish to view on screen, through the use of special interactivity functions on the iPad. For example, if a reader required information not visible from an overview map of the world, they could tap to reveal a pop-up label providing a further level of detail. The result is a highly visual resource that encourages self-paced learning, thereby making Oxford Internet Institute research accessible to a far wider audience than may arguably be found through traditional publications.

The institute custom-made their own interactive elements which could be used to further enhance the software provided by Apple for users to design iBooks. In doing so, they have created a prototype which provides a benchmark for other iBooks to follow and effectively revolutionised the future of academic learning tools! Download the book for free from Apple's iBookstore at this link: .

Other interactive visualisations of research data from the centre can be found on the institute's website are at the link