Friday, April 05, 2013

Candid Camera - Historypin

We rather like Historypin's description of itself as a collaborative community working to discover and pin as much history as possible "from all over the world, from within archives, in attics, and saved up in wise old heads." This online knowledge domain is thriving on the contributions of individuals, interest groups and institutions, all working on the simple premise that everyone has history to share, whether that's important archival information, the retelling of an old story or the memory of a relative. The personal tone set by We Are What We Do - the not-for-profit company who have created the site - lends it charm and is revealing of a wider social purpose to unite people across the world. So far there have been 229,488 pins of images, audio clips and video content! 

Learn more about the histories of other cultures, generations and places by searching the site's map. Historypin uses Google mail accounts so anyone using Google for their email can start digitising their images, adding any researched information along the way. There's a smartphone app too for anyone especially eager. Click 'join' in the top navigation pane to register an account and get pinning!