Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Get Your Rocks Off - Martin Parr's Sweet Factory Film!

Maestro photographer Martin Parr unwraps the sweet delights at Teddy Gray's Sweet Factory in this marvellous, documentary-style film.

Family-run Teddy Gray's has retained its traditional, hand-made methods of sweet-making and could be one of the few surviving businesses successfully run without the use of a single computer or "adding machine", director Betty Guest's quaint term for calculator. In scenes that could be straight from Willy Wonka, the factory's faithful staff talk affectionately about the business and reveal the secret methods that go into manufacturing its famous sweets. Parr's affection for the place is clear from his assortment of interviews with a range of workers who seem proud of their trade and widely content to continue the traditions established since 1826.

The short film is part of the Black Country Stories body of work commissioned by Multistory in 2011 to document life in the Black Country. Multistory's eclectic short films series captures and celebrates life as it exists today, in the traditionally industrial West Midlands. 

Download the film to watch through vimeo here, or search on YouTube. A magical treat that is bound to surprise, thrill and leave you feeling more than a little nostalgic!