Friday, April 26, 2013

There's no business like 'Slow' business - Slow Art Day, 27th April 2013

We've had slow food, slow travel...we've even had slow architecture. So it was only really a matter of time before Slow Art Day leapt, (or should that be casually strolled?) onto the scene. This 2010 ARTNews feature article, Slow Down You Look Too Fast, provides an excellent overview of Slow Art Day which this year, is happening tomorrow, 27th April.

The event is in keeping with The Slow Movement which encourages a mindful approach to the frenetic pace at which many of us live our lives. More than a soporific fad, 'Slow Movement' philosophy has been promoting cultural awareness since the 1980s. Many slow subcultures exist globally including Glasgow where, for example, the Go Slow Cafe on Victoria Road encourages relaxation!

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art's crowd-sourced Tumblr page is providing an online space to enable contributors to comment on their experiences of looking at art 'slowly'. To participate, spend ten uninterrupted minutes of your day tomorrow looking at an object or an image of your choice, take a photograph of it, and tell the museum what thoughts you had while you were looking at the object. Submit your contribution here and use #SFMOMAslow to share your thoughts on the experiment!