Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Today Only - Notebooks on Radio 4!

Just a quick note to say that anyone interested in an audio study of the notebook as a crucible of creativity has until the end of today only, to listen in on a 15 minute discussion of the humble notebook. In an introduction to the value of the notebook to the creative process, author and critic Ian Samson talks us through the notebook as a locus for the germination of ideas and the rediscovery of lost trains of thought. In an age of digital discovery where mobile devices and laptops are commonplace, Samson reviews the role of the notebook and questions whether the advent of new technologies marks the demise of our tatty, dog-eared companions. What is the digital alternative to the tactile process of writing and storing ideas in a notebook? Listen here or, for a case study of the use of the notebook in art, see Dieter Roth's Diaires which is available through the library catalogue.