Monday, May 13, 2013

FMinism - Radio 4's Feminist Collection

Delve into BBC Radio 4's digital archive to listen to their collection of programmes exploring feminst theory and its impact since the movement began. The Melvyn Bragg-fronted series 'In Our Time' charts the rise of feminism in the twentieth century and the life of writer Mary Wollstonecraft while historian Bettany Hughes explores the fall-out that led to post-feminist theories of thought. On a more leisurely note, Germaine Greer chooses her 'Desert Island Discs.'

With its accessible format, diverse content and popular critic-presenters, Radio 4 makes ease of learning a virtue. Once better known for the shipping forecast and series such as The Archers, the radio station's educational content now stands up as an excellent learning resource. Some programmes such as 'In Our Time' provide references to further reading material. This will undoubtedly be beneficial for anyone planning to following up their listening with more detailed study, in this case on the topic of feminist theory.