Thursday, May 02, 2013

New Radicals - Summerhall TV

Summerhall, Edinburgh's newest and largest arts venue, are proudly promoting a television channel dedicated to "capturing the weird, radical and wonderful" on film. The idea of housing an eclectic collection of arts-dedicated films on one site is certainly innovative for an arts-centre only established in 2012 and already upping its game in the digital arena of arts coverage. Summerhall TV makes no compromises in its reporting of the visual arts, literature and cultural events.

The channel houses TV art-news - previews and reviews with artists, authors, curators and performers - and includes a strong historical element with more than two hundred interview clips going back over ten years. The Archive section is a strong educational resource, including longer programmes on art in Scotland, interviews with artists and authors, and (more peculiarly) coverage of the trades union movement stretching back to the 1970s. See also, the Face to Face Section under TV Series for the John Byrne event we blogged about back in March.

Summerhall occupies the former Royal School of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh and is an interesting space for art exhibitions, talks and gigs. It's a recent addition to the list of Edinburgh Fringe Festival venues and is fast becoming a shiny beacon for all cultural goings-on, east of Glasgow. We absolutely recommend delving into the wealth of information on their website for more detail.