Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Artifice - Online Magazine Of It's Own Making

4.5 million Facebook-likes is high praise indeed. That's how many people approve of The Artifice, a growing online magazine for broad sections of the arts including film, anime, manga and the comic-book.

A leisure resource first and foremost, there is plenty here to keep its massive audience entertained. Take a quick glance and you'll see that the magazine's strength is its focus on the anime, manga and comic genres. Titles range from 'The History of Comics: decade by decade' to 'The Modern Comic Convention Experience.' The film section is by far the largest with new articles posted every few days- see titles such as 'Silent Suspense: The Top 5 Forgotten Hitchcock Films.'

The magazine is built on the submissions of a large network of arts enthusiasts and is keen to garner academic opinion from students. If you have experience of writing for the web including keeping your own blog, this could be an opportunity to reach a larger number of people, or simply take part in an online collaborative project. The fact that the magazine has only just expanded its scope to include a section on games, literature and the arts could spell potential for high-calibre submissions. More information is here.