Thursday, June 20, 2013

Graphic-Novel Guide Depicts Scottish History

A graphic novel-style guide published earlier this year is using the graphic novel form to educate readers about Scotland's archaeological history. 'Telling Scotland's History' is a collaborative project between the Scottish Archaeological Research Framework (ScARF) and graphic artist Sha Nazir. The guide brings together research by archaeologists, historians, scientists and other specialists in ScARF to form an overview of archaeological research in Scotland from prehistory to the present day.

Artist Sha Nazir previously created the graphic art for the book 'The Amazing Mr Mackintosh' held in GSA Library and is one member of the team at BlackHearted Press, a leading independent comic-book publisher. (Follow @BHP_Comics on Twitter to find out more about the group's publications and events). At the guide's launch in February, Sha spoke about the close relationship between visual storytelling and archaeology, likening prehistoric cave paintings and ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics to the same need artists have today to communicate ideas through visual means.

We wouldn't have believed it in thousands of years, but to see how the use of the graphic-novel format makes the subject of archaeology instantly more accessible and exciting, clich here to download.