Friday, June 28, 2013

Research Hub at London's National Gallery

The National Gallery in London has revamped its research hub to enhance online learning about its distinguished collection of paintings.

The Gallery has grown into a centre for researching European painting from the 13th to the early 20th centuries by virtue of its size and the historical significance attributed to its paintings. Active investigations into  the history of the paintings: why and how they were made and the interpretation of their meaning, continues to uncover exciting discoveries which inform art history. The gallery collaborates with scientists and conservators and articles specifically devoted to the scientific study of the pictures is published in the National Gallery Technical Bulletin. All previous issues of the bulletin have been archived and are available to browse here.

As well as this handy resource, the section on 'Buying, Collecting & Display' provides an examination of  the evolution of the art market and a dedicated 'Research Resources' page consolidates information on projects, networks and services to aid research.

Definitely one for art historians and for anyone interested in the ethical and philosophical questions posed by the archiving and conservation of art collections.