Monday, July 01, 2013

'Design in a Nutshell' - Video Resources from the OU

These introductory YouTube videos from The Open University (OU) are our new favourite resource! Take the test on 'Design in a Nutshell' to discover your design alter-ego as six nattily-designed animations talk you through the most historically important design-movements. The videos cover key aspects of design history: Gothic Revival, Arts & Crafts, Bauhaus, Modernism, American Industrial Design and Postmodernism. Basically, a lot of useful history crammed into two minute instalments!

 The resource helps promote the OU course 'Design thinking: creativity for the 21st century,' a self-directed, distance-learning course looking at the impact of design thinking on the world today. We're intrigued by the concept of an 'online virtual design studio' to which practical coursework submissions are made and then debated with others on the course. There's also a free study unit on 'Design Thinking' which provides an overview of the subject and some online resources for further reading.

As more and more universities make their course content available online, this is an interesting addition on the arts and design front. While digital design courses arguably lend themselves very well to online course format, we're interested to know what the future holds for practice-based art and design courses. We'll hold that thought as meanwhile we try to figure out the answer to far more pressing matters such as 'what is our design personality?!'

Click here to try it out.