Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Touring Art - Virtual Tour of Kelvingrove Art Gallery

As the countdown to the Commonwealth Games continues, Glasgow Life (the public organisation encouraging engagement with culture and sport in the city), is throwing everything, including the kitchen sink at innovative ways of attracting visitors to its most popular attractions.

So follows a virtual tour of Kelvingrove Art Gallery which teases visitors with numerous selected images from the gallery's collection and the outside of the building. Scottish company 360 Virtual Image who are behind the tour's creation, have come up with an online gallery, showcasing works by the Glasgow Boys and Scottish Colourists. A tantalising peek at Salvador Dali's 'Christ of St John of the Cross' acts as the gallery's piece de resistance with visitors able to recreate the experience of nearing the painting along a corridor. The digital design company have tried to make the experience as close to a real-life visit as possible with site visitors able to choose their route around each of the locations. We're pleased to discover that Mackintosh and the Glasgow Style is one such location allowing visitors to preview what Glasgow Museums have on show in their collection which complement items from GSA's Archives.

The Kelvingrove tour is the first of others currently being developed. Other Glasgow Life venues soon to be viewed in digital format include the Burrell Collection, Old Fruitmarket and St Mungo's Museum. While the primary aim is evidently to bump up tourism by raising awareness among global audiences of Glasgow's attractions, we're happy to freeload on the digital collection of art being amassed. And for the purist: an inexpensive tour guide app for iphone and Android, provides you with information while you tour the museum for real!