Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wonderful New Webspace - Visual Arts Glasgow

Social media coverage of the visual arts in Glasgow is available in one new webspace thanks to a Culture Sparks-led project. Visual Arts Glasgow is a new mobile-responsive site that enables visitors to engage directly with news and events on the move.

Rather than mere listings of the city's cultural happenings, the site is distinctive for drawing together exhibitions, commentary and other stories from across Glasgow’s visual arts scene to provide an image-led portal. Image-based social media posts from museums, galleries, heritage and craft venues make it far easier to get the latest news directly from the people either creating artwork, curating artists' work, or collaborating on various projects around the city.

Culture Sparks is an organisation that seeks to enhance innovation in the cultural sector. Visual Arts Glasgow is part of the WhiteNOISE project, a collaborative project with some of the movers and shakers on Glasgow scene, aiming to provide a picture of art audiences across different disciplines. The aim is to improve public engagement in areas of the arts where the research highlights the need for improved participation.

This is a fantastic resource! Share, browse, follow, like, favourite and visit the sites of various venues including The Lighthouse, Tramway and Glasgow Sculpture Studios! The site's own blog is also worth a visit. GSA City Walking Tour focusing on the Glasgow Miracle was mentioned in a blog-post last week and we love the 'They Draw and Travel' website, name-checked yesterday.