Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Online resource: 'All change!' - National Archives Chart 200 Years of Railway History

The Age of Steam is relived in a new resource called 'All change!' which charts the history of how railways have changed peoples' lives over the last two centuries. 

This is a collaboration between The National Archives and the National Railway Museum who have amalgamated their railway collections to form an accessible route into learning about Britain's railway heritage. Some beautiful materials including drawings, photographs and documents have been selected from the archives to form a visual history of the past 200 years of the railway. There are links through to video lectures on the development of the railways and details of a one-day conference at Kew on 7th September, looking at the significance the railways have had on people's lives.

The Library catalogue holds an array of books on the subject of railways from materials looking at the architecture of railway stations, through to the graphic design of vintage rail posters and local social history of Glasgow's rich industrial heritage. Looking at the focus that this year's Glasgow Doors Open Days is putting on engineering and the railway in particular, this could be a helpful way of making tracks into a related research project.