Friday, August 30, 2013

Online resource: Made with the British Library

Since launching The Hatchery, our online showcase of how artists, writers and creatives have used GSA Library to assist their practice, we're taking a renewed interest in how libraries promote use of their collections. The British Library's 'Made with the British Library' website is one resource doing just that. The website introduces individuals who have engaged with various areas in the library's holdings to conduct new research, create new art and branch into business.

Each person discusses their use of the Library via a YouTube video. Included in the neat portfolio of case studies is a student's account of using the collections to write her PhD in Spanish cinema. Other researchers discuss how the Library's maps helped to recreate a lost city in Crete and how the newspaper collection could be used to inspire the development of public weather services!

The Hatchery is continually expanding as new projects and discoveries are made. While the focus is primarily on what's happening in GSA Library, we're making conscious efforts to find out about similar ongoing projects in other libraries. Keep an eye out for these projects appearing on The Hatchery in the near future.