Thursday, August 22, 2013

Radio: BBC Radio 4 'Design Thinking'

Gone are the days of the product designer stuck in the testing lab; today, the most innovative designers are impacting on society through a broad, collaborative process of 'design thinking.' Tonight, at 8.30pm, broadcaster Peter Day looks at how this new philosophy is impacting on the modern world in a BBC Radio 4 programme of the same name.

There's a nod to Gov.UK, the UK government website aggregator which won the digital award at the Designs of the Year Awards in April this year, and a look at agencies which are creating new companies from scratch - many of them through the collaborative power of online crowdsourcing. The argument is that design has become an almost entirely democratic process, evolving at lightning-quick speed to incorporate the ideas of many, in a process focused on the end user's experience.

The Library stock a broad range of books on the subject of design thinking. Browse them here for inspiration when the collection reappears.

This is product design, but not as you may have known it only a few years ago...