Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Catalogue Resource: Material ConneXion

The achingly cool firm Material ConneXion, who are so hip they spell connection with an 'x', have agreed to give us access to their unbelievably extensive database of weird and wonderful materials, where you can search for all the most cutting edge, sustainable and innovative materials and processes emerging worldwide. Material ConneXion claim to have the largest materials and processes library in the world and it is all available here at your finger tips.

The whole point of the database is to give you access to new materials and processes you've never even heard of, so the best way to search it is to go straight to their Advanced Search option, under the search box and there you will be given a whole range of multiple choice search options. Once there, you can look up materials by Category, Processing or Sustainability criteria. You can also search according to Usage (Reflexivity, Scratch Resistance, Thermal conductivity, etc...) or by Physical Properties (Stiffness, Surface/Texture, Transparency, etc...). Combine all of these options any way your heart desires and eagerly await the results. When you select a material of interest, the page will lead you to photos of the material, a comprehensive description as well as the manufacturer's contact details.

Whether you're a Fine Art or Design student looking for new cutting edge materials to test out, this is a truly great opportunity to keep yourself at the forefront of innovation. This database could have applications for sculpture, textiles, product design and many more disciplines. The rest is up to your imagination! You can also check out the Material ConneXion's book: Material ConneXion: the global resource of new and innovative materials for architects, artists, and designers (745.20284/BEY) currently available for lending in the library's main collection.

To access the Material ConneXion database, just follow this link to the Library Catalogue. Access to the database is restricted to on-campus.
You can also keep yourself up to date with any new additions to the database by subscribing to Material ConneXion's email updates here.