Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Electronic Resource Available: the UK Press Online Newspaper Archive

The Library is trying out a great new online resource available for student over the next month: the UK Press Online Newspaper Archive. This is an online archive of every edition of the UK daily papers such as the Daily Mirror, the Daily Express, the Daily Star, the Church Times, The Watchman, The Daily Worker and many more, going back to before the Second World War.

Maybe you're writing a paper on the celebrity trends since the 1960s?

 Or you'd like to find out more about how fashion was portrayed in 1920s newspapers?

Fancy checking out the British equivalent of Madmen ad campaigns?

And I'm sure you'll all be pleased to know that even forty years ago, pandas were already the hype in all our local papers...

The resource is easy to search with a simple search box, where you can enter themes, headlines, dates, or names and your results are returned to you as either Tiff or pdf full-page files, in which the design and content reflects that of the original printed version of the newspaper.

The resource is set up for IP access on the GSA network and accessible via the GSA library catalogue. We're very eager to have students start using this great resource and if it proves popular, we will continue with the subscription.