Thursday, October 10, 2013

Found: the National Geographic archive goes on Tumblr

Whether you're looking for inspiration, looking for examples of great photography or simply looking for a way to while away a few delicious hours, the National Geographic's new online Tumblr site Found is the must-see destination for you!

In celebration of their 125th Anniversary, the National Geographic have decided to open up the riches of their archives to the world in an online curated exhibition and will be continuing to add to it on a regular basis in future.

William Bonner, who curates the extensive photography archive in the basement of the National Geographic headquarters in Washington, says that even after years of digging through the shelves of the archive, he still continues to find new stories and inspiring images that increase his appreciation for the collection. This is a sentiment you can now share with him as you wonder over the beautiful photos as they get posted every month.

And for those of you who love a good typeface, follow this link to read more about cartographic typefaces in an article written by Juan Valdes.