Monday, October 21, 2013

New publication launch, Art Crits: 20 Questions

Q-Art have just launched a new publication, hot off the press, Art Crits: 20 Questions. This pocket guide features interviews with fine art staff, industry professionals, students and graduates. The contributors give their views on the purpose of the crit, present various approaches, discuss barriers that participants and facilitators can face and give tips for overcoming these barriers. The project aims to prompt questions, discussion, inspiration, invention and above all confidence amongst participants and facilitators alike when approaching this model. 


Q-Art run free and open crits across a variety of art colleges and gallery spaces. The crits run across the academic year, from September – June. They are open to students of all colleges, courses and levels of study as well as graduates, self-trained artists, prospective students and anyone with an interest in art. Click here to find out more about Q-Art and their cross college crits.