Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Libraries as Creative Incubators

About a week ago, our graduate trainee librarian, Delphine Dallison, attended the very first edition of Library Camp hosted in Glasgow, which took place at the Mitchell library. As part of the day, people were invited to pitch sessions on a variety of library related topics and Delphine decided to take inspiration from our new online resource The Hatchery to pitch a session on Libraries as Creative Incubators:

"Glasgow School of Art launched The Hatchery this year as an online resource for creative people to take inspiration from libraries as a source or a site for creativity. Glasgow Women's Library have also been leading the way in this area with the 21 Revolutions project. I'd like to hear from other libraries about how they engage with artists and other creatives."

To find out more about the discussions which ensued, you can check out Karen McAulay's blog post here and you can also read Delphine Dallison's write-up on the session she lead posted on the Glasgow Library camp blog.