Monday, January 27, 2014

Journal Articles available to Listen to Online

For any of our students who maybe struggle with reading long journal articles, even though it would be of great benefit to their research, we're happy to announce that there might be a solution to their troubles. Art and Architecture Complete, our main dedicated Journals database now offers the possibility to listen to journal articles as MP3s. You can choose between an English or American accent and the software highlights the part of the sentence being read as it goes through the text.

This option is only available for articles which offer the HTML Full-Text option, but when doing a search you can limit the number of results to Full-Text only and from there you can easily spot the HMTL Full-Text articles. 
To access Art and Architecture Complete, you must look it up in the GSA Library catalogue and follow the link you'll find on its catalogue entry. If you need any further help on accessing online journal articles, please feel free to come and ask for help at the GSA Librarian's office, on the 2nd floor of the library.