Monday, February 03, 2014

Design Fiction as design process...

In their article "Patently untrue: fleshy defibrillators and synchronised baseball are changing the future", Wired Magazine puts forward the concept of using fiction as a tool for design. They define the concept of design fiction as follows: "Design fiction is the deliberate use of diegetic prototypes to suspend disbelief about change." This rather complicated definition translates as the purposeful use of fiction narratives to imagine other possible worlds and design items in response. Indeed, if we suspend our disbelief, then design doesn't need to be limited to waht's available or possible in theis world at this point in time, but can instead help create solutions for future times or other places which are still to come in existence and through that lens provide concepts which might also operate today.

Examples of Design Fictions:

Agatha Haines's project, Circumventive Organs, 
is a collection of imagined bioprinted organs, such as this fleshy defibrillator

The Infinite Souvenir, by Bertrand Clerc, which is a 
"speculative product, designed and marketed by the nuclear industry"

What does Martian wine taste like? Carlos Monleon-Gendall aims to 
recreate the geophysical characteristics of the terroir

If this concept catches your interest, read the full article here.