Wednesday, February 05, 2014

New E-Resource available: The Photographic Youth Music & Culture Archive

The GSA Library has just started a new trial of an online image databank called The Photographic Youth Music & Culture Archive. This could be a great visual resource for any student working on a project or essay linked with Youth or Music culture. It features an Interactive Youth Culture Timeline, which helps map out all the cultural trends which have evolved over the years. The collection of images spans from the 40s through to the present day and you can also find links to essays, interviews and relevant webzines.

This trial will last for 1 year, so we urge students to make the most of it as decisions about continuing with this resource will be based on the stats gathered during this trial. You can access the resource directly via the catalogue, or you can find it online at Full access to the resources will be granted via institutional login on the Education page.